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My wife Jesse and I are avid automobile enthusiasts and appreciate all makes and models, but our passion is classic Mini Coopers. My wife and I own seven of them. We have restored all to show condition. They have appeared in magazines, television, news, papers, and recently in the Wall Street Journal. A few years ago, I reconnected with longtime friend, Sal Costanzo of Clue Coatings. We got to talking about cars and I was telling him about the difficulties with paints, primers, fillers, sealers, etc.

Sal introduced us to Clue Coatings. They have virtually every product for every need. With their range of fine products, we were covered. Every product has lived up to and exceeded our expectations. Sal and his team have been wonderful, and we are so happy and proud of our Minis.

Norm and Jesse Nelson

I have been in the custom autobody repair business for 37 years. I have built or restored over 200 Hot Rods. We service a broad range of cars, from Classic Customs to today's new cars. Our work includes every aspect of repair and painting, including welding and fabrication. Until recently I have used several brands of the highest quality paints, primers, fillers, and sealers. Through a customer of ours we hooked up with Clue Coatings.

Clue Coatings provides all the products I need. They are amazing. It is so nice to be able to get quality products that are all compatible from the same source. They also provide great technical support.

Mark Caruso

Caruso's Customs

Anderson, California